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No site crash this time!

Hahah. This is simply amazing. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time the first time I watched it, even though I had just woken up. My morning was 1000% better afterwords. 5/5, 10/10, etc etc

I love you.

Please have my children.

Not. Cool.

Seriously, you just ruined it right here. The intro was the only good part, while the rest of it sucked, unlike the other flashes, which were awesome. This is only getting up-voted by pre-pubescent fanboys who five anything with Nintendo in it. I still have a lot of respect for you, but maybe this was a bad idea, or maybe it could have been implemented better.

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Strange game.

The only winning move is not to play.

How about a nice game of chess?

Sorry, I don't understand 'computer'

That's a shame. :C

A fine RPG.

First off, the visuals are great, great artwork and menus. I also enjoyed the music, it sets the tone for the game well. The battle system is the basic Final Fantasy formula, which works OK.

The game just seems a little limited without control over equipment. There's no loot, except for the occasional healing item, which are really the only items in the game, besides the signets, and those are basically just like enchanted amulets/rings/etc.

The customizations just comes from the skills and the talents, which are good, and the pie graphs on the skills page was a nice addition.

After a while, the game seems to feel repetitive, but most RPGs are that way after a while. It requires quite a bit of grinding, not that grinding is necessarily a bad thing.

The characters themselves are pretty bland... The young hero, the strong warrior, and the mysterious mage. The story was not really anything special, but was good enough.

Overall, a fine RPG, and worth at least a try. 7.5/10

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My ears are kind of hurting...

It sounded all spacy, and it was pretty cool, it's just that the static sound gave me a headache. -_-

attemptedperfection responds:

Sorry for the headache. Thanks for the review!


Pretty nice sounding, would probably be good for a little simple game someone made, because this is a simple song too.... Only I think it would be better without that disc scratching thing.


I know it's just a demo, but it's not really that good. Too short. I'll be waiting for the full version, though. And also, it sounded all static-ey on the heavy bass. Might just be because it's an MP3.

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A masterpiece.

Beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it that I can critique.

Letiger responds:

Its beautifull really.

Best drawing made by a robot I've ever seen.



I don't see why it has a rating of 1.50, it is a great scanned drawing, not the best, but it is good. You incorperated everything well, and the coloring is great. 6/10 3/5

Hello, I'm actually 103 but the age only goes up to 80. I have 12 grandkids and 30 great grandkids (Cute as the dickens) and I'm single, and looking for some hot stuff for this sexy granny. ;) <3 If you like what you see, come and message me. (;

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